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"Faith and prayer are the vitamins of the soul; man cannot live in health without them." - Mahalia Jackson


    You, Too, Could Have an Unexpected Family Reunion Today

    About a month and a half into my adventure here in Washington DC, I hailed a cab one night because it was too late to take the metro home. The driver stopped and when I told him where I was heading, he became annoyed (seriously, no one likes having to drive out to Capitol Hill), but he didn’t kick me out. Instead, as we drove he started talking my ear off. As I zoned out and stared from my window at Massachusetts Avenue, at one point he stopped talking and put on some music. “This …


    3 Ways to Rid Your Life of Fear

    Someone once said (maybe it was me, over drinks one night–I can’t be too sure) that people with the most creative and passionate imaginations tend to be among the most fearful. I know for a fact this is true, as looking back over my 30+ years, I can see how much time and energy I spent trying to prevent imagined terrors from occurring. I’m sure that I’m the only one out there who’s done that. For example, my father used to teach my sister and me life lessons at the dinner table. One day, he …


    The Winter of My Content

    Today is going up to a balmy 55 degrees in Washington DC and tomorrow it will hit 60 in New York. A week ago, it was 20 degrees. On rare, unseasonably warm days like this, it’s nearly impossible to fight the temptation to go outside and soak up as much sun and warmth as possible, knowing that the weather will turn cold again and Spring is still a couple of months away. I prefer warm weather and feel all kinds of guilt when it is a warm, sunny day and I am not outside enjoying …